The director of Finance 4 Kids, Gus, has a background in commercial finance & accounting and from a young age has had a passion for anything and everything to do with numbers.


So when deciding to start Finance 4 Kids his passion showed from the very start. Noticing the lack of financial education focusing on the social aspects of personal finances and the growing link between mental health and financial wellbeing, the inspiration arose whilst playing "shop" with his nephew who was 4 years of age at the time.


Children learn through playing fun and engaging activities, so why not create a game that represents the personal-finance rollercoaster all adults go through over a lifetime. Many of these personal finance skills are learnt by people "on the job" and by learning from mistakes but this ensures children gain these skills early on, providing them with the right tools and mindset as they grow up.  


Alongside Gus, team members Taran, Natalie and Manny are integral to all aspects of the organisation. With backgrounds in process development, administration and marketing, they help push the growth and innovation of this young, yet vibrant social enterprise.