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Build confidence while learning

Not all students who attend our workshops come from the same background and not all of them start with the same level of confidence.

We recently held a workshop carousel day for year 9 students at a local school. The day generally consists of a number of interactive workshops where students can learn a range of topics, through games and activities.

During the first couple of workshops one young girl stood out as she did not participate and remained with her teacher.

After observing the first few sessions she was intrigued enough to join the next workshop, where she happily participated alongside her peers and got involved with the activities. Throughout the workshop it was clear that her confidence was building and that she was enjoying herself.

Later that day, the teacher informed us that the girl had only recently joined the school, following three years out of education, due to moving around in foster care. This time away from education had meant that she hardly interacted with her peers. She had previously shown no interest in any extracurricular activities.

After the session ended she had confessed to her teacher that she enjoyed being part of the workshop. She had enjoyed learning an exciting subject in a fun environment. By joining our hands-on workshop her confidence had been boosted and meant that she could communicate with her peers unlike she previously had been.

We not only aim to provide financial education to children, we also hope to build relationships, generate confidence and open students eyes to the wider picture.

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