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The Lack of Financial Education!

With rising prices, consumerism and targeted advertising amongst a whole host of other issues, financial literacy is more important now than ever. In an ideal world, young people would be taught about managing money in schools. These sessions would include information on savings, interest, debt, and they would serve the purpose of debunking all of the myths that students may have been exposed to surrounding money. Students would learn how to manage money and would leave them armed with an arsenal of information and advice that they could use as they grow into financially savvy adults. It does not seem like a difficult task, yet financial education is still missing the mark.

How can this improve?

Organisations such as Finance4Kids exist to fill this gap in education. Through exciting games and workshops, companies such as ours can take the pressure off schools and provide the fundamental education young people need to set them up for their financial futures. With expertise and enthusiasm, finance can feel like less of a dirty word and young people can be engaged with it in ways they never thought possible.

This is now more important than ever. Financial education needs to be in schools. Martin Lewis, who many consider to be somewhat of an authority on finance, has recently called for more finance in schools, suggesting it be integrated into maths lessons or offered as a separate subject for those interested. How ever it happens, it needs to happen and young people need to be taught about finance, and Finance4Kids can well be the answer.

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